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Hadassah Queen O and Cameron Joy are the multi-talented music geniuses of Open Writers. Open Writers began in 2016 when the two seasoned artists partnered together to provide hope, inspiration, and positive vibes to the culture surrounding them. Driven by hearts of passion for their Creator, and filled with His creativity, they infuse original rhythms and melodies together with insightful word plays on life. 

Hadassah Queen O is a self- taught, passionate, go-getter who’s been in various facets of music and entrepreneurship for over 20 years. These opportunities have included filling in for Queen Latifah at Z100’s Last Chance Summer Dance – rocking a crowd of over 10,000, being booked for numerous paid shows, and recording with a Billboard producer. Additionally, over the years she has sold thousands of CDs independently, since releasing her first tape in 1994. What truly sets Queen apart is her positive energy! 

Cameron the songstress/writer/arranger desires for people to experience joy in The Creator 
YAH, and it can be heard in every note of every song. Her debut album “Tears of Joy” features well known artists in the city and the Dove Award winning group, Virtue. Throughout her career she has been fortunate to share the stage with Virtue and other gifted individuals. Her continual work and partnership with various music producers keeps her musically on the cutting edge. Cameron's desire is to bring a refreshing to others, great substance, and hope to people in a creative musical light. 

Open Writer’s relevancy to the culture is fueled by their own life experiences which include various ups, downs, and tragedies. Open Writer’s transparency, in sharing their own stories, connects them to listeners through shared life experiences and a sense of hope in the midst of life’s tough times! Hadassah Queen O’s battle with grief over the passing of her father, and then later a brother who died from suicide, allows her to relate to many struggling with an overwhelming sense of loss. Cameron Joy’s personal battle with depression and self-esteem allows her to empower the hearts of many who have given up on life. Their own victories regarding their own stories allow them to intentionally intertwine the power of overcoming in both their lyrics and music utilizing scripture as a foundation. 

Currently their mission and approach can be experienced in their new single “Give em Praise” which has been well received and is now available on all digital outlets! Below are some listener responses: 

“Just listened to the song and I subscribed to your YouTube page as well. The song is wonderful, beautiful harmony and melody, I love the vibe. This is truly a wonderful offering unto Yah” 

“I’m so proud of you two, your light and spirit of love always radiate through your music, keep up the good work!” 

“Ladies, this song makes me smile. So beautiful and heartfelt. Keep blessing us with more!” 

"You have no idea the impact your Obedience in creating your music is being felt around the world. Hebrew and Gentile. All that Love Yah have been in a drought of the authentic!!! You guys have been like a fresh cold tall drink of water!"

Open Writer’s look forward to serving as many as they can with the skills, talents, and resources they have been blessed with over the years! Their hope is to provide “lyrics you’ll love” dipped in music that is unique, relevant, & vibrant! 

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About The Individual Artists


Hadassah Queen O is a self-taught, passionate, go-getter who’s been in various facets of music and entrepreneurship for over 20 years. She has sold thousands of CDs independently since releasing her first tape in 1994. What truly sets Queen apart is her positive energy! 

She landed the opportunity to fill in for Queen Latifah at Z100’s Last Chance Summer Dance – rocking a crowd of over 10,000 and has been booked for numerous paid shows and events. She's had the experience of recording in a studio mansion in Monterrey Mexico with a Billboard producer and those are just a few highlights. 

However, with all of the bright moments, she's also had to face many hardships in life that were not so lit, like the death of her father in 2000 and the heavy blow of her brother's suicide April 9th, 2006. Having to mentally fight through darkness has produced the inspirational leader you see today. There's no "quit" in her DNA. Giving up is not an option. Her motto is simply "Head up! Shoulders Back!" and she gives all the credit for her resiliency to her guiding light, whom she refers to as Yah. 

Queen's mindset is to see and embrace challenges as "fuel" to move one forward. She radiates this type of contagious energy whether she's live-streaming, consulting, producing tracks, writing songs or inspiring through music. 

Queens music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc. Under her name: HADASSAH QUEEN O. 

Or you can purchase directly from THE ROYALTY STORE.

Things to note:

  • She is the founder of Open Writers
  • She has a new growing community where videos and inspiring content are uploaded Join Now
  • She is the founder of LCC (Learn Create Capitalize) and offers online courses to help empaths advance
  • She is the founder of Sound Variety, writes, produces and mixes music
  • She's a self-published author with her latest book titled "See The Future With Your Head Up & Shoulders Back!"
  • She has over 70 vocal sample packs for producers
  • She has a merch store w/ empowering t-shirts, mugs, journals, masks and more.
  • She was the first female rapper in Portland, Oregon to release a full album on cassette under her alias 151 "Drank No Chasa" back in 94-95.

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Joy is a missing commodity: not enough people have it, not enough people want it, and not enough people realize they can have it. 

Enter Cameron Joy, the Atlanta,GA based songstress/writer/arranger/lyricist whose ministry and passion is for people to experience joy in Abba YAH, which can be heard in every note of every song. It’s out of the depth of her life experiences that a genuine heart has been formed and authentic music is birthed. It’s Cameron's desire to bring a refreshing to others, great substance, and hope to people in a creative yet musical light. 

Having worked with the likes of in-demand producers like her mentor and music creative Hadassah Queen O, (Melinda Watts, Sounds.com) Erik Griggs (Jordan Sparks, Babyface) Tony Stone (Lecrae, Trip Lee), Doc Sizzo (John P.Kee), and Kelvin Wooten (Anthony Hamilton, Mary J. Blige). She has also shared the stage with the likes of nationally renowned inspirational recording artists and sweethearts  "Virtue". Cameron’s music has been lauded as “excellent”, to which she responds, “It’s out of the depth of my experiences that excellent music comes. It’s my passion to bring a refreshing sound, great substance, and creativity back into music.” 

The depth that Cameron  speaks of has not come without cost. Joy is something that Cameron has fought for numerous times in her life. With the effects of unforeseen battles, the songstress found herself wrestling, but gained strength along her journey to become an overcomer. 

Cameron Joy has allowed the Creator to fully focus her heart and music on outreach to those who desire and are searching for hope and joy (young and mature alike) as she encourages and challenges them to remove the facades that are preventing them from being everything our Heavenly Father has intended. 

Cameron Joy can currently be found plying her heaven sent abilities to create unique melodies and harmonies, along with descriptive lyrics/ clairvoyant delivery, which produced her debut album, “Tears of Joy.”  The album features well known artists in the city, among other gifted individuals plus producers in the music industry. Be on the lookout for a Sophmore music project coming as well. 

You can also find Cameron Joy's voice in a plethora of other venues like Sounds.com, and music website Soundvariety.com (featured with mentor and music creative "HQO" Hadassah Queen O), as well as various compilations and albums on digital outlets if you search Cameron Joy.

For the latest updates and music by Cameron Joy visit her website at www.cameronjoysings.com