Hey everyone ✨😊😀✨

Hadassah Queen O here and I’m Cameron Joy and we are 🎶..... Open Writers!!

In short, our ministry is a positive escape! We are two talented sisters here in the Atlanta, GA area who formed an Inspirational Music Group in order to display unity, offer encouragement to the people of YAH using our stories and to extend YAHs marvelous light around the world.

You will also find on our channel... relaxing nature sounds for Sabbath rest, biblical affirmations to empower yourself and real talks that uncover Narcissism in religion and beyond.

🚩Please note: We are N🚫T affiliated with any religious group, camp, coalition, movement, denomination, church, assembly or political organization. Our allegiance is with Yah, Yahusha, Yahs Ruach & Yahs Word 📜 

To find our debut album🔥 💿 “Extraordinary” and other great resources, click here